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Industry 4.0 is changing the traditional industries to drastically increase performance and efficiency.

Prognostic Edge intelligence platform for smart buildings offer Energy Monitoring, Prescriptive maintenance, and Capital Investment Planning of maintenance for built assets.

Prognostic’s Industrial AI platform is built for manufacturing companies to combine historic & real-time data from various on systems, process, people and machine data to run a more efficient operations. Prognostic is built to prescribe operational insights based on analysing large sets of data from in real-time and on edge where the necessary action is required.

We have devised a unique way rather than sending massive amounts of building data to the cloud for analysis, which increases costs, smart buildings can use Prognostic Edge intelligence service for more responsive solution with the aim of reducing costs and latency period.

Power the Smart Buildings through:

Operational Intelligence:

Optimize systems for maximum KPI performance, quickly adjust to changing conditions.

Prescriptive Maintenance

Reduce repair costs, minimise downtime, maximise output, and improve remediation efficiency.

Condition-based Monitoring

Lower maintenance costs, improve asset performance and longevity, and maximize yield.

Energy Usage Optimization

Maximise high-value asset output, balance reliability, performance, and cost.

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