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Oil & Gas is a technology-driven industry that depend on real-time intelligence to provide proactive monitoring and protection against equipment failure and environmental damage. In most cases the operations are in remote locations and lack access to centralised data centres, Prognostic’s edge intelligence provides onsite delivery of advanced analytics and machine learning, and enables real-time responses required to avoid potential downtime and maintain production throughput.

Driving benefits by increasing production throughput of the Asset performance management

Prognostic’s Edge Analytics is built for Process Manufacturing such as Oil & Gas and Chemicals to combine historic & real-time data from various on systems, process, people and machine data to run a more efficient operations.

Prognostic is built to prescribe operational insights based on analysing large sets of data from in real-time and on edge where the necessary action is required. Our automated workflow management will trigger the next best consecutive action required to over come the problem.

Benefits include:

Driving operational efficiency and productivity.

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), drive world-class productivity and enable continuous improvement with Industrial AI and machine learning. Further reduce process and product variation and leverage better insights for immediate action.

Optimize labor and energy costs.

Decrease unplanned downtime and hit production targets, reducing the need for overtime or resources for production capacity surges. Predictable production drives more confidence in capacity planning and an optimized financial operating model.

Improve the reliability of your product.

Detect and resolve anomalies and defects earlier in the process, ensuring world-class quality leaves the dock. Machine learning anomaly detection is a closed-loop detection process that improves first-pass yield, reducing raw material spend, scrap and non-value-add rework costs.

Increase asset availability and reliability.

Improve the work balance of assets and reduce costs associated with idling, starving or blocking equipment. Financially optimize maintenance strategy, applying preventive, predictive and prescriptive maintenance where it drives the most value for the operation.

For Process Manufacturing Prognostic provides industry leading solutions to modernise your operations and reduce the complexity of industrial control systems.

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