means an advanced indication of a future event. By collecting disparate data and real-time streaming data from sensors we built a prescriptive maintenance tool that not only monitors, predicts, alerts & actions the next best course of action for workflow for equipments and built assets.
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For Equipments we collect data directly from your sensors or Connect into existing IoT platform and your OT systems in realtime. The data is processed and analysed at edge. When an issue is identified, the system will raise alert both at Edge and on cloud platform to the Maintenance Engineer. The system will use prescriptive analytics to advice next work order to be scheduled.


For Built Assets we collect Building Systems data, Maintenance Data, and Realtime Data to determine the Condition of the asset, Through advanced machine learning we determine the condition of the asset and prescribe actions that will for the work order for the asset. Hence we can also understand the cost of maintenance of the asset ahead of time.

GIS based Predictive Maintenance

Prognostic is built to cater across the growing requirements of Industry 4.0. With the proliferation of sensors across assets, it will be critical for organisations to track an asset or pin point the problem specifically, Our GIS based Asset Management is built over an integrated map with your Asset registry where real-time asset condition can be monitored.

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