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Prognostic is a SaaS platform to manage a physical asset’s operational risks to prevent unplanned downtime in industrial organisations.

We achieve this using a combination of real-time EdgeAI and cloud analytics to deliver ideal financial ROI to maintain operational resilience by monitoring asset condition and energy usage while automating the workflow management.

Our grand vision is to help our asset intensive customers achieve ZERO downtime, ZERO Waste and ZERO Carbon.

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Do you want a better finantial return of asset lifecycle?
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Prognostic as an Asset Condition Monitoring
Asset Condition Monitoring

Monitor Real-time condition of your assets from sensor data, operational technologies like SCADA to trigger intelligent alerts on rules based engine

Prognostic has a Predictive Maintenance PdM for you
Predictive Maintenance PdM

Predict Breakdown insights and target operations losses to increase machine uptime for increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

prognostic is an Energy Efficiency Monitoring
Energy Efficiency Monitoring

Monitor Energy consumption and efficiency rates of your assets by pinpointing the reasons for losses identified through the system

Prognostic supports Maintenance Capital planning

Maintenance Capital planning

Robust asset investment planning on real-time asset condition aligned to long term maintenance strategy and advanced work allocation planning

"Reduce machine downtime by 50%, while your operations & maintenance cost up to 30%"
A game changer
Prognostic really turns information into value. Our platform is Edge based analytics, we operate as an analytics service that layers on top of industrial factory services. If necessary, we can enrich data without using existing networks.

Prognostic can analyse assets while monitoring energy efficiency for carbon conscious organizations and allows them to compare performance across infrastructure and equipment over multiple sites.

We also enable our customers to justify and optimise their asset interventions to improve their operational and financial performance.
Monitoring function - Asset Predic

What do I need to make Prognostic work for my company??

The power of Prognostic is that enables you to get started with your existing data. 

We can collect the data from sensors, OT systems - SCADA, data warehouse systems, data historian, Building Management Systems, through various protocols including custom communication protocols.

The data generated by your machines,  environment and other disparate sources are collected in real-time and processed through edge computing bringing intelligence at machine edge where it is required.

Once uploaded to Prognostic, we can help you visualise and even perform lightweight analytics and schedule your next service by workflow automation
The power of Prognostic is that enables you to get started with your existing data. 
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Industry Focus

Prognostic is the partner that will help you improve the value chain in your enterprise with the most important Industry 4.0 innovations in data-driven intelligence and actions distributed throughout your operations.
Prognostic serves the oil & gas industry

Oil & Gas


Prognostic and Manufacturing
Prognostic services for smart infrastructure
Smart infrastructure
Prognostic services for renewable energy
Renewable energy

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Our Team

Our team has a combined experience of over 60 Years building and delivering complex products on a multitiered SaaS. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your industry.
Prognostic Team has more than 80 tears of combined experience
Shravane Balabasqer
CEO / Co-Founder
Prognostic Team has more than 80 tears of combined experience
Rob Bachan
CTO / Co-Founder
Prognostic Team has more than 80 tears of combined experience
Charles Joel
CCO / Executive Adviser

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