Prognostic is a cognitive diagnostics & decisions engine

Our scalable platform is created based on deep industry expertise built into complex Machine Learning algorithms embedded within. It integrates seamlessly into existing connected eco system in minutes, giving you true data visualisation and helping you make informed decisions & automate this in real-time

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About Us

Leverage the power of Prognostic platform to bring your industry assets to life
through Smart Machines, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Automation in order to make your
connected enterprise possible. Our Platform is built to cater for solutions across multiple asset intensive industries
built to streamline operations intelligently and pre-emptively increasing machine uptime, reduce breakdowns,
increase machine reliability, optimise fuel and energy efficiency and increase overall throughput.
Secure & Scalable Platform

Single platform for all IoT implementation – from Devices, Transactions, Security, User Management and Device Management.

Artificial Intelligence Engine

Domain specific Cognitive analytics powered by machine learning and pattern recognition for Enterprise and Industrial Internet (I4.0).

Data Visualisation

Advanced Data visualisation for monitoring real-time performance and decision making on Predictive & Prescriptive insights.

Augmented Reality Engine

Bring on the immersive layer by engaging your team with real-time insights at edge to make decisions & carry out actions on the go.


Prognostic is an end-to-end PaaS that enables IoT implementation with advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics for enterprise scale operations for Industry 4.0. Supported via varied user interfaces for delivering insights into Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Performance Management, Asset Optimisation, Process Monitoring and Reducing Operational Cost, Improve Supply Chain & Logistics, Energy Efficiency Management all by establishing a unified link between Machines, People, Process, and Ambient Data.


Prognostic platform collects the data directly from sensors through various communication protocols including custom protocols. The data generated by your machines, people, process, environment and other disparate sources are collected in real-time, then standardised and stored anonymously. Our platform then uses machine learning algorithms and mathematical rules engine to monitor changes within your process specifications and identifies variances, the system then prescribe insights on recommendations increasing your real-time responsiveness.

Scalable Platform

User friendly Device Management and User Management for large scale IoT solutions

Enterprise Level Security

Protection of users and devices including localisation of devices & alerts


"Plug and Play" to your existing Enterprise IT Systems and Automate your requirements


Interoperability across communication protocols, Cross-Application business logic and Hardware agnostic

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Configure your devices

Configure your devices & their attributes on the platform. The platform is built to connect to most devices. For each device you can then register the event. An inbuilt rules engine will help you setup actions to process upon an event triggering.

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Use the platform capabilities on Advanced Analytics and AI engine to set up parameters on an event occurring, Use Visualisation tools to give your team the upper hand in making real-time informed decisions. Automate the process through the rules engine.

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